PlayStation VR gets release date, several new game announcements

Unsurprisingly, VR got quite a bit of focus during several press keynotes at this year’s pre-E3 conferences, and PlayStation VR naturally took the lion’s share of VR focus at Sony’s press conference. After much teasing of the device, including an October release window, we now have an exact date to pick up the new hardware; PlayStation VR launches worldwide on October 13th.

PSVR - ArtThat’s not all either. Sony has pledged at least 50 games to be made available with PlayStation VR before 2016 is up, and while some of these games are already known, Sony took the liberty of announcing several more after unveiling the headset’s release date! Among these were Star Wars: Battlefront – X-Wing Mission, which will allow PlayStation VR owners to take part in space combat within an X-Wing (this game will be awarded free to anyone who already owns Star Wars: Battlefront for PlayStation 4), Final Fantasy XV VR Experience, which allows those who own Final Fantasy XV for PlayStation 4 to take part in specialty missions from the perspective of A.I. companion, Prompto, Far Point, a brand new sci-fi first-person shooter that unfolds on an uncharted desert planet, and Batman: Arkham VR, a brand new PlayStation VR installment in the Batman: Arkham series that has players don the cowl of Batman, and use the Dark Knight’s gadgets and skills to take down dangerous villains and solve a murder mystery.

PlayStation VR can be sampled as early as this month, as select retailers will begin featuring demo kiosks for Sony’s VR headset. We will also continue monitoring development of Sony’s anticipated headset, so keep plugging in Eggplante for all major news and updates on PlayStation VR.