Monster Hunter: Generations imminently receiving demo (for some)

Monster Hunter: Generations was among the games presented during Nintendo’s second day of Nintendo Treehouse Live showcasing, specifically a demo that gave some insight into the game’s all-new ‘Prowler Mode’, which allows players to take control of the series’ Felyne mascots for the first time.

MHG - LogoThe demo had four Capcom presenters teaming up to take down a large blue owl-like monster called ‘Malfestio’, showcasing the game’s collaborative element and co-op, even if Monster Hunter: Generations can also be played solo, if players choose. Those who enjoyed the action-packed gameplay demo, and are hoping to experience something like that with friends as they wait for the game’s release, are in for some good news as well! The demo is being made available right now!… For some.

As with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, certain Nintendo 3DS owners (being a My Nintendo member will probably improve your chances) will be selected and sent two special early access codes to the Monster Hunter: Generations demo today, giving both them and one friend early access to the game, ahead of everyone else! Don’t fret if you don’t end up with the demo codes though. The demo will go live on the 3DS eShop for the general public on June 30th. Speaking of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, if you have save data from that game on your 3DS/2DS SD card, then you’ll receive an exclusive costume for your Felyne character in Prowler Mode.

Monster Hunter: Generations launches exclusively for Nintendo 3DS on July 15th.

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