Pokemon GO set to launch this July, alongside Bluetooth accessory

Nintendo kicked off a second day of game showcases at their Nintendo Treehouse Live showcase that is taking the place of their digital E3 press keynote this year with a look at upcoming mobile spin-off, Pokemon GO. Some of the established gameplay mechanics were spoken about, including how players can find and catch Pokemon in the real world and train them with their mobile device, though fortunately, there is a solution if you don’t find the idea of constantly keeping your nose in your smartphone to be very appealing.

PGP - DeviceNintendo is selling a Bluetooth-enabled accessory, called ‘Pokemon GO Plus Device’, which will be carried at various retailers for $34.99 USD. The Pokemon GO Plus Device can be worn on your wrist, and will allow players to locate and catch Pokemon for Pokemon GO without constantly needing to check their mobile device. The Pokemon GO Plus Device will light up green and vibrate when Pokemon are nearby for Pokemon GO, and you can use the device to throw Poke Balls to try and catch it, with a rainbow light signaling a successfully caught Pokemon, and a red light signaling that the capture attempt failed.

Nintendo’s Creative Fellow, Shigeru Miyamoto did acknowledge however that the Pokemon GO Plus Device will not be ready immediately after the app launches, but should follow shortly afterward. On a brighter bit of news, Miyamoto confirmed that Pokemon GO will be live to download on iOS and Android devices in just a matter of weeks, either slightly before, or at the start of July! The game will initially only include the first batch of 150 Pokemon from the very first Pokemon Red Version and Pokemon Blue Version games, but will expand to include later Pokemon with a series of updates, and will eventually feature all of the Pokemon yet invented to capture and train.

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