Knack 2 announced for PlayStation 4

One of the bigger surprises of today’s PlayStation Experience showcase is the announcement of a sequel to Sony’s contested PlayStation 4 launch title, Knack, which was rumoured to be in development, though never with concrete evidence. Knack 2 was unveiled for the first time at the keynote, teasing various elements of the game, including the return of the original’s stellar animated graphics, as well as an all-new co-op component that has both a red Knack and a blue Knack working together. The PlayStation 4-exclusive sequel doesn’t yet have any kind of release window.knack-gameplay

Sony describes Knack 2 as a game that is aiming to be equally enjoyable to casual and core gamers. The platforming and action elements of the original game appear to be returning, alongside the previously-mentioned new co-op capability. Other teased mechanics include the two Knack characters manning a laser-shooting craft and taking out hordes of enemies, alongside more puzzles that will take advantage of the Knack characters altering their size, a mechanic that also came into play in the original Knack.

The original Knack released alongside the PlayStation 4 in November of 2013, and received mixed reception. Our official review gave the game a 60% overall score, praising its gorgeous visuals and creative concept, though we extensively criticized the game’s linear, frustrating gameplay and poor storytelling.

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