Nintendo debuting two Joy-Con emphasizing games in Switch launch window

Nintendo is keen to make the Nintendo Switch’s unique Joy-Con controllers their latest offbeat method of controlling a video game. To this end, the Big N announced two all-new games that plan to make heavy use of the Joy-Cons’ specialty functions during their Nintendo Switch event tonight.

The first game, 1-2-Switch, will be a launch title alongside the Switch itself on March 3rd, and is an eccentric party game that won’t even require players to face the screen. Instead, players have to look at each other and anticipate their opponent’s move. This concept was illustrated with an Old West-style duel, while a few other scenarios were teased.

The second game, Arms, combines the depth and discipline of a fighting game with the precision marksmanship of a shooter. This game, which is targeting a release in Spring 2017, involves characters with spring-loaded arms that attack from a distance, and can use offensive and defensive methods to make use of their eccentric punching abilities. Players play this game by holding the Joy-Con controllers with a thumbs-up-style gesture, and then punching, twisting and thrusting to attack, defend and try to catch their opponents off-guard.

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