E3plante! 2017

Our annual excursion Los Angeles commences in just over a month as the world descends upon the mecca of video games that is the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017.

In addition to our usual live coverage, we’ll have remote coverage of E3 2017 from right here in Toronto. Brent and Chad will both be reporting on the highlights and news of the show while Christopher will be in Los Angeles to soak up as many hands-on impressions and interviews as possible.

We begin the main event of the week in a bit of a unique order this year, as Microsoft kicks off the festivities on Sunday afternoon, followed by Bethesda on Sunday evening. On Monday, Microsoft will host a series of events at the Galen Center while Ubisoft and Sony show off their latest in their press conferences that day as well.

As usual (we’ve been at this for eight years now), we’ll be hosting our full predictions for E3 2017 closer to the show. Expect a full rundown of what we’re looking forward to and what we would love to happen, even if we know that it probably won’t, later in the month.

And, of course, keep your eyes peeled for the latest on Twitter and Facebook; you just never know when a contest (or three) might pop up there!