New Super Mario Odyssey details, release date revealed

Nintendo took to its E3 Spotlight presentation this morning to announce new details about its first mainline Mario title for Nintendo Switch, Super Mario Odyssey.

The game, first officially announced at the Switch event in January, showed off Mario roaming around a video game mirror of New York City, aptly titled New Donk City.

The game, going back to its roots of an open-world Mario title as opposed to the 3D World-style of gameplay from the last generation, the game will include a huge variety of spaces. The trailer showed off that Mario’s red hat with eyes is not the only new hat that Mario will use. There’s also a white top hat, a striped one, a sombrero, a football helmet, among many others. It appears that the hat will be the new mechanic of the game.

Mario will also be able to use the hat to possess enemies and control their movements, further adding a brand new mechanic to the game.

With new details about the game finally released, the game also has an official release date. Gamers can head into New Donk City and other new areas with Mario on October 27, 2017.