Here are July’s Games with Gold

Today, we learned which four games Xbox One and Xbox 360 users will be able to download for free next month, so long as they have an active Xbox Live subscription. It’s an unspectacular list, which may make some folks groan, but it’s not terrible by any means.

On the Xbox One side of things, there’s Ubisoft’s Grow Up and the quirky sprinter, Runbow, which looks like quite a bit of fun. Both are smaller games, for lack of a better term, but they do have fans and followings. Runbow, especially, should be a good way to spend quite a few of this summer’s sweltering hours.

Xbox 360 users (and Xbox One backwards compatibility fans) can then look forward to Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days and LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean. The former is a macho, sadistic and downright rude shooter starring two terribly awful people, whereas the other is a game that’s fun for all ages.

Here’s hoping that Kane & Lynch 2 has been patched a lot since its release, because it was borderline unplayable back then. It surely has been, though.

At launch, the game would crash if you threw and shot at certain fire extinguishers (which were meant for just that), and would also kick you on a whim. It was easily one of the ‘glitchiest’ games that the Xbox 360 ever saw, and also one of its hardest, as the end of the game got insane on its most challenging difficulty. The reason for that was enemies who wouldn’t stop coming, and would — at times — glitch and appear behind you, resulting in almost certain death.

Take a moment to leave us a comment, so as to let us know what you think of next month’s Games with Gold offering. Does it do anything for you, or not?