August’s PlayStation Plus games announced; will include Just Cause 3

Next month, PlayStation Plus will travel to the Mediterranean, where a suave, Bond-like special agent will wreak havoc against a dictator and those who pledge allegiance to him. This will all happen within the confines of Just Cause 3, which stands as the most notable of August 2017’s free games.

Joining Rico Rodriguez’s latest, very middling adventure, will be Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry. That is, the downloadable expansion for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. One that is all about using a new character’s skills to help free imprisoned slaves from captivity.

The rest of the list is fleshed out by PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita titles, including Super Motherload (PS3 with PS4 cross-buy), Snake Ball (PS3), Downwell (PS3 with PS4 cross-buy) and Level 22 (Vita). It’s the latter we’re most happy to see listed, because it’s one heck of a neat little game, and it deserves attention because of that.

That’s You, the PS4 party game that was included last month as a free-to-download bonus, will also remain free in August but only for a limited time.

Enjoy your freebies, PS Plus users!