Art is in the eye of the beholder in the new trailer for The Evil Within 2

In life, horror and art both know no bounds. Both mediums always push the proverbial envelope, whether it’s intended or not. One tries to scare us in new ways, while the other is always changing and evolving thanks to each artist’s own ideas, techniques and personal stories.

It can also be said that art is in the eye of the bolder, which is the tagline that follows Bethesda’s newest trailer for The Evil Within 2.

Centring on Stefano Valentini, the twisted and deadly photographer, this new look at one of gaming’s most disturbing sequels isn’t for the easily scared. That’s because, not only is Mr. Valentini — a former war photographer who lost his eye while on the job — crazy, but he’s also acquired a love of death, which is replicated in his art. Some is shown in the trailer, but what’s also made clear is that the artistic psychopath has something else on his mind, that being Sebastian’s daughter, Lily, who he must try to save during the game’s campaign.

Check out the trailer below this line of text, then make sure to come back for continued coverage of The Evil Within 2, including our detailed review.

The Evil Within 2, which is in-development at Tango Gameworks, will frighten us on Friday, October 13th.