Minecraft: Nintendo 3DS Edition surprise launching for New 3DS today

Up until now, it seemed that world-building gaming sensation, Minecraft could be enjoyed on just about any current gaming platform, among other non-gaming-dedicated devices, save for Nintendo 3DS. During today’s Nintendo Direct broadcast however, that omission was finally rectified, as Nintendo made the surprise announcement that Minecraft is coming to the 3DS library, and better still, it’s launching today! This surprise launch so far only includes a digital download of Minecraft: Nintendo 3DS Edition on the 3DS eShop, though Nintendo and developer, Mojang have promised that a retail package for Minecraft: Nintendo 3DS Edition will release at a later date.

Minecraft: Nintendo 3DS Edition also has another major caveat that its title fails to mention, namely that it’s only playable on New 3DS and New 2DS handhelds. Nonetheless, Minecraft: Nintendo 3DS Edition will offer both Survival and Creative modes, and while it won’t include multiplayer at launch, it will eventually have local multiplayer patched into it. The game is described as emulating Minecraft: Pocket Edition, the game’s smartphone build, only with the New 3DS/New 2DS button scheme, with the option to use the buttons or Touch Screen for inventory management, map navigation and crafting.

Despite the Minecraft property and developer, Mojang being owned by Xbox maker, Microsoft, Minecraft has continued to enjoy a fruitful partnership with Nintendo, ever since the game was first brought to Wii U in 2015, whereupon Minecraft: Wii U Edition went on to become one of the top-selling Wii U eShop games. That game’s success led to Telltale-developed episodic adventure spin-off, Minecraft: Story Mode also releasing its selection of episodes on Wii U in 2016, with both Minecraft and the complete Minecraft: Story Mode season then expanding to Nintendo Switch earlier this year. Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition is also distinct since its multiplayer can be enjoyed in cross-play with Minecraft’s PC and Xbox One builds, though infamously not the PlayStation 4 build, which Sony has insisted remain self-contained.

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