Microsoft announces October’s Games With Gold titles

Major Nelson has taken to his blog to confirm which games will be made free-to-download this October, for those with active Xbox Live Gold subscriptions. It’s a basic, but decent list, which presents an interesting mix of genres, including 3D platforming, ‘walking simulation’ and bullet-filled war shooting.

Those with Xbox One consoles will have access to all four of next month’s games, although only two will be actual Xbox One titles as per usual. First up in that category is Gone Home: Console Edition, the spooky and atmospheric walking simulator that centres upon a teenage girl’s return home. That indie darling is then followed by The Turing Test, a first-person, sci-fi puzzle game that was published by Square Enix.

On the Xbox 360/backwards compatible front, there’s the Xbox Live Arcade version of Rayman 3 HD, as well as Medal of Honor: Airborne, both of which are rather decent.

Overall, while this isn’t the best list we’ve ever seen — or as good as Sony’s October 2017 PS Plus list — it’s certainly nothing to scoff at, with some solid offerings coming at us without any sort of price attached to them.