October will be a huge month for PlayStation Plus subscribers

Sony is going big with October 2017’s PlayStation Plus freebies, offering a massive triple A title and two of gaming’s most revered horror games at the same time.

What everyone will go crazy over is the fact that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is going to be free for those who don’t own it. Not only was that a big release not too long ago, but it was also considered to be a game of the year contender as well. It also offers tens of hours of gameplay, which is sure to make folks feel like they’re getting their money worth. That is, if they haven’t played it already.

Flanking Metal Gear is The Amnesia Collection, which combines two of the medium’s scariest experiences into one PlayStation 4 enabled pack. It’s a fitting offering for October, and the nice thing is that even though the games may be slightly dated, and are a bit old at this point of writing, they’re considered must play material and classics to boot.

The rest of the North American list features Monster Jam Battlegrounds (PS3), Hustle Kings (PS3), Skyforce Anniversary (Vita, with crossbuy for PS3 and PS4) and Hue (Vita, with crossbuy for PS4). There’s a bit of something for everyone there, making it a well rounded list, even if it is a bit top heavy.

That said, Hue is actually an underappreciated gem here, as it’s one of the better indie/puzzle games to have released within the last year and change. I reviewed it elsewhere and fell in love with it, so much so that I’ve played it on another device since. And this is coming from someone who generally dislikes and quickly becomes bored of puzzle games.

All of the above will go live on PlayStation Plus starting on October 3rd, which just so happens to be the first Tuesday of the month.