Dante and company are coming to Dead Rising 4

This December, Capcom will infuse Dead Rising 4 with lots of its iconic history, including costumes from several of its more familiar characters. The update — which goes by the name of Capcom Heroes Mode — will be free to those who already own the game, and is highlighted by a white haired Dante from Devil May Cry.

In addition to its costumes, Capcom Heroes will add iconic attacks and signature weapons to the zombie-filled experience, allowing players to more accurately represent the characters whose costumes they’re donning. This includes Dante’s Rebellion Sword, among other things.

So, who all will be included?

Cammy (Street Fighter)
Sissel (Ghost Trick)
Dante (Devil May Cry)
Adam “The Clown” MacIntyre (Dead Rising)
Classic Frank West (Dead Rising)

Keep in mind, though, that this is just a limited amount of the costumes that will be featured within. More will be revealed later on.

The Capcom Heroes DLC will be added to Dead Rising 4 on December 5th, and will be free for Xbox One & Windows 10 users who already own the game. Of course, it will also be made part of Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package, which was just recently revealed for PS4.