de Blob will soon add colour to PS4 and Xbox One

In less than a month’s time, de Blob will return, and will begin its quest to add colour to our PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. Thus, the game that originally began its life as a 2008 Wii exclusive, will have made its way to both PC and modern day consoles within calendar year 2017.

Originally developed by Blue Tongue Entertainment, de Blob is based around returning colour to a grayscale world. Doing so was made necessary after the questionably named INKD Corporation stole the rainbow of hues from Chroma City, leaving it bland and depressing.

As a large blob, players must flip, bounce and smash their way through Chroma City, as they do battle against Comrade Black and his array of hot plates, electric shocks and ink turrets. This means lots of jumping, collecting and doing battle, while also attempting to paint the world around you.

de Blob will be make its way to Xbox One and PS4 on November 14th, thanks to THQ Nordic and BlitWorks.