The Last of Us II shocks with brutal PGW trailer

Sony didn’t skimp out on Paris Games Week, opting to debut a brand new trailer for The Last of Us II during the industry celebration. It’s embedded below for your viewing pleasure. Be warned, though, as it’s both brutal and graphic.

Set during a torrential thunderstorm, this new look features characters who have yet to be officially identified. Things begin with two raincoat-clad denizens dragging a bound woman through the mud, until they reach a set spot and decide to tie her up and torture her. This woman could be Ellie, but she looks quite a bit different, not to mention older and a lot more chiseled.

See it all for yourself below:

The Last of Us II does not have an official release date, and like you we can’t wait to see more. This was a great tease, but a tease is what it is.