Call of Duty: WWII honours veterans with three different videos

Today is November 11th, which means that veterans are being honoured for their courage, bravery and sacrifices throughout North America. Not only is it Remembrance Day in Canada, but it’s also Veterans Day in the United States — two differently named holidays that are based around the same things.

To honour the veterans who inspired their game, those behind Call of Duty: WWII have taken to YouTube with three meaningful videos, highlighting the memories of those who fought in the Second World War. Their stories of brotherhood, sacrifice, duty and bravery all carry through these short, interview-based featurettes, making them a must watch.

See below for part of Activision’s statement regarding these videos:

The interviews were filmed at Fort MacArthur in San Pedro, CA, just miles away from Activision’s headquarters in Santa Monica. Speaking with these veterans was an inspiring and humbling experience for the Activision team.

We’re proud to pay tribute to these incredible heroes and want to invite the entire gaming community to celebrate their heroism and living memories.

Activision is committed to supporting our veterans and we invite fans to join our cause to help them find high-quality jobs through the Call of Duty Endowment. In addition, we encourage you to visit and support The Greatest Generations Foundation, whose partnership and collaboration was vital to the making of this series. We’d like to thank them for their work to ensure the memories of our bravest heroes are recorded and retold in perpetuity to future generations.

The team here at Eggplante! would like to thank all veterans, both past and present, for their sacrifices.