Preview the visual upgrades found in Telltale’s The Walking Dead Collection

Less than a week remains before Telltale will re-release its most revered work, in the form of The Walking Dead Collection. Through it, fans will be able to experience the series that started it all through new eyes, thanks to upgraded visuals.

Today, Telltale took to YouTube to show off its improvements, through a graphical comparison video that highlights the differences between the original version of the game and what The Walking Dead Collection will bring to it.

The Walking Dead Collection is set to arrive in stores on December 5th, and will be available on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, for a suggested price of $49.99 USD. Gathering all 19 episodes of the award-winning series onto one disc, it plans to offer the optimal experience for those who are both new to the franchise, or folks who’ve been fans since day one. As expected, enhanced versions of both 400 Days and the three-part Michonne mini-series will also be included.