SOMA comes to Xbox One today, adds optional safe mode

After more than two years on PC and PlayStation 4, Frictional Games’ SOMA is now available on the Xbox One platform. Better late than never, right?

Isolated within the ocean’s depths, chaos has overtaken the PATHOS-II facility. Twisted creatures and corrupted robots strain the boundaries of human identity as you seek to uncover the truth, locate the last remaining inhabitants, and take part in the events that will ultimately shape the fate of the station.

This new version brings something intriguing to the table, that being an optional ‘Safe Mode’ wherein players are immune from monster attacks. This will allow those who find the core game to be too difficult, or who simply want to experience the story without any trouble, to do so without having to worry about becoming damaged or dying.

Safe Mode will not be exclusive to the Xbox One, however, as it’s also being added to the PC version today, through a free update. A PlayStation 4 specific update will then follow ‘at a later date.’

Check out SOMA‘s Xbox One launch trailer, then make sure to check back for our detailed review, which will be published soon.