Nintendo looking to double Switch sales in next year to 20 million

Nintendo is riding its momentum with Switch right into 2018.

As of September 30th last year, the Kyoto-based company sold 7.63 million Switch consoles and bundles since the hardware’s March 3rd debut. Nearly 2.5 million of those units were sold in the preceeding two and a half months, likely indicating a combination of increased demand alongside higher production and more supply.

By the end of calendar year 2017, Nintendo had broken into double digits, and it is looking to continue its momentum to reach 14 million by the Switch’s one year anniversary. That number will also outrun lifetime Wii U sales.

Even with this lofty goal, the big-N is looking to an even brighter future, almost doubling its first year sales, setting its year two projection around 20 million units.

That figure would put the console in line with around 34 million units sold, and would nearly match the figures achieved by PlayStation 4 in its first two years on the market. Sony’s console garnered just over 35 million sales in its first two years.

With the success of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildSuper Mario Odyssey, and surprisingly robust indie game support, Nintendo may be able to achieve this goal in spades, especially with the commitment to increase production over the next few months.

Additionally, holdouts that were looking to see if the Switch would outperform the company’s most recent hardware flop, the Wii U, may be willing to start taking the plunge on their hybrid console that is now a runaway success.