In a recent Twitch stream, Jonas “NubbinsGoody” Neubauer was attempting to set a new personal best for clearing 100 lines of blocks. Instead, he set a world record for the fastest time to get to 300,000 points in the block-sorting game.

Completely unaware he was the first person in the world to accomplish the feat in under two minutes,As he passed the 300,000 point mark, he made a comment that it went by incredibly quickly, but had no idea what time he’d recorded. Once he completed the 100 lines, reading through the comments, he realized what he’d done, and he jumped up, then stormed out of the room.

Later on, Neubauer went on to complete his original objective and shaved two seconds off the previous record to capture two world record titles in a single day. Not bad for a few rounds of one of the world’s most recognizable video game!

Take a look at Neubauer’s unknowing world record below!


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    Nothing like having some good’ol fun all the while hitting that world record!!!!


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