A de Blob 2 Remaster will soon paint Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Little time has passed since de Blob first brought its colourful palette and funky music to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms. Now, THQ Nordic has announced its intentions to bring a remastered version of de Blob 2 to said consoles.

Continuing Comrade Black’s war on colour, de Blob 2 once again tasks its titular hero with using paint to save the day. He must do so in an attempt to stop a grayscale brigade that still wants nothing more than to rid Prisma City of all of its vibrant hues.

This story will be told over the course of 12 narrative missions, which will introduce new power-ups, along with “epic” boss battles. That, in addition to two-player cooperative play.

Expect to be able to paint the city red, when de Blob 2 re-releases on the 27th of February.