Detective Pikachu coming to 3DS alongside supersized amiibo in March

As if Nintendo didn’t have enough to talk about in its presentation on Thursday, the company has announced that Detective Pikachu is finally coming to Western audiences on 3DS and 2DS in March.

The game, which released in Japan back in March 2016, sees a Pikachu become a 20s-era detective, complete with coffee and gun-slinging. He even speaks English in an admittedly off-putting smoker’s voice instead of his usual cartoony “Pika Pika!”

Pikachu teams up with a boy named Tim who is setting out on a quest to find his father. The game will see players collect items and piece together clues, much like Professor Layton or Phoenix Wright games have done in the past, albeit with a slightly more Pokémon twist.

There will be other familiar pocket monsters in the game as well. The trailer (above) depicts multiple Machokes, as well as a Minccino, Aipom, Murkrow, Sudowoodo, Mewtwo, among many, many others.

Alongside the release of the game is a giant Detective Pikachu amiibo that is roughly four times the size of the original Pikachu from the Super Smash Bros. series. Perhaps its nicest touch is that the platform for the figure is actually a map.

Detective Pikachu will be only playable in 2D, according to the game’s box art, and will be available on March 23rd, just shy of the 20th anniversary of Pikachu’s last big hurrah in Pokémon Yellow Version which released on September 12, 1998.