Indie game The Station coming to PS4 and Xbox in February

Indie game The Station is coming to consoles this February from an as-yet-unnamed developer comprised of industry veterans who have worked on titles such as League of LegendsDestiny, and BioShock: Infinite.

In the near future, a space station is sent into deep space to explore an alien world. On its way there, however, a mysterious power outage of the craft occurs, the cameras malfunction, and all communication is lost. Humanity’s next step is, of course, to send someone in to recover the station, or at the very least, figure out what happened.

In what started as a Kickstarter campaign, in The Station, you’re the reconnaissance specialist, a person sent to discover what actually caused the station to lose power and malfunction.

The game appears to be a walking simulator of sorts, one in which you’ll discover the mysteries of its world, in this case a space station floating above an alien world. Last year, Campo Santo release Firewatch, and it quickly became one of our favourite titles of the year.

Perhaps The Station will do the same for 2018 when it launches on February 20th on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The developers have plans to bring the game to PC, Mac, and Linux, as well as VR platforms, this Summer.