Details, gameplay from Metal Gear Survive released

Frankly, we didn’t want to exist in a world in which Metal Gear exists without the keen eye of Hideo Kojima. However, we suppose there was always likely a point at which he’d depart from the franchise (sure, it could have been on much better terms with Konami) and leave it in the hands of another.

Enter Metal Gear Survive.

We’ve known about this game since Gamescom 2016, less than a year after the Konami-Kojima split, and it was announced as “a new addition to the Metal Gear Solid V experience,” though it was unclear exactly what that meant.

With a new trailer showing off actual gameplay footage, as well as some story details released by Konami.

Metal Gear Survive will include both a solo and co-op experience, with skills and items shared across both modes. Players will build and develop their base camp while crafting items and weapons. To do so, you’ll need to “gather resources, blueprints, and raw materials” as well as manage resources such as food and water. Sounds more like a real-time strategy game to us.

In any event, players will take control of a soldier who narrowly avoids being sucked into a wormhole that opens above Mother Base. He eventually awakens in a U.S. facility belonging to Wardenclyffe Section. From there, he must travel to another dimension to find the cure for an infection he’s contracted. Even with Kojima gone, Metal Gear is weird as all hell.

Survive will likely land in one of two camps: predictably boring and lifeless without Kojima, or a surprisingly deep game with some halfway decent gameplay mechanics and new ideas. We’re not holding our breath for the latter, though.

Metal Gear Survive comes to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on February 20th.