Monster Hunter: World’s day one patch has been detailed

Prior to playing your brand new copy (or digital download) of Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World, you’ll need to install a small, day one patch. An update that was just announced and then detailed today.

Downloading this 815mb patch will add things like event quests, a gallery mode and in-game chat options, and will also be responsible for giving the game Chinese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian and Arabic subtitles. Of course, it’ll also clean up some bugs, as any good patch should.

Perhaps the most notable part of this update, however, is its addition of a porcine friend named Poogie. A sweater wearing pig, he’ll be seen inside players’ Astera HQ, but won’t be happy about being petted until you’re of a higher level.

Monster Hunter: World will be released onto PS4, Xbox One and PC this Friday, January 26th.