Microsoft announces Sea of Thieves themed charging stand, external hard drive

When the Sea of Thieves themed Xbox One wireless controller was announced, it created a lot of excitement within the gaming and collecting communities. For good reason, too, as the thing is rather beautiful, and is likely the most unique looking accessory that Microsoft has ever released.

Now, we’ve been told that there’s more to this licensing agreement, including Sea of Thieves themed controller docks and an external hard drive bearing its colours. All will, of course, look the same as the controller, which features a purple base, green flecks, a neon skull and etched barnacles. The skull will be much more prominent on the hard drive, though.

Featuring the familiar colour scheme and an even larger skull, the external in question is a new, $89.99 (USD) version of the Seagate Game Drive. Thus, the 2TB offering will continue the companies’ partnerships, by giving fans of the game a very colourful place to store their digital games. It will also offer those who purchase it one month of Xbox Game Pass and an exclusive, jewel studded in-game weapon called the Midnight Blunderbuss.

The controller docks, then, are being handled by Controller Gear, and are officially licensed by Microsoft. They’re expected to be released in two different varieties, those being the Controller Gear Special Edition Sea of Thieves Pro Charging Stand, and its cheaper V2 variation, which doesn’t offer charging capabilities. The pro version will come with a premium charging stand, battery cover, rechargeable battery and 6 foot charging cable, and will retail for $49.99. Meanwhile, the V2 dock will only cost $14.99.

The dock and charging stand are both expected to be released on February 19th, with the hard drive and the controller it matches following on the 20th.