In Yoku’s Island Express, players control a newly appointed postmaster who just so happens to be a dung beetle. Using a mixture of platforming mechanics, pinball-style traversal and special abilities, the goal is to traverse Mokumana Island while delivering mail to its residents.

Today, Villa Gorilla’s charming pinball platformer received a new trailer and, as you’ll see, it’s all about the titular creature’s special abilities.

  • The Noisemaker, a party whistle that acts as Yoku’s postal horn
  • The Slug Vacuum, which is capable of sucking up the pesky slugs that litter the island, then using their explosive power to clear stubborn rocks and reveal new routes to explore
  • The Dive Fish, which allows Yoku to dive into (and explore) the island’s watery depths
  • …and more

Yoku’s Island Express will flip onto Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch during the second fiscal quarter of 2018.

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