Beach Buggy Racing 2 is coming to mobile this summer; Steam and consoles later on

A whopping seventy million players took a chance on Vector Unit’s Beach Buggy Racing – a very solid, free-to-play mobile game that eventually made its way to consoles. Today, the California-based developer announced a sequel to its impressively popular (2014) kart racer, which unsurprisingly carries the title Beach Buggy Racing 2.

With this sequel, Vector Unit plans to expand upon the original game’s mix of “console-style kart racing with a playful off-road twist.” They’re going about this by upping the content ante, implementing upgradeable power-ups and introducing online play. As such, players will be able to discover, upgrade and utilize approximately fifty different power-ups, while also having the ability to customize their vehicles and loadouts. Not to mention the option to play online against others around the globe.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that, through a partnership with Amazon GameOn, players will also be able to partake in tournaments, compete on leaderboards and earn prizes.

“We knew we wanted tournaments and community to sit at the heart of BBR2,” explains Vector Unit CEO Matt Small. “Amazon GameOn offers a perfect way for our players to compete against each other in fun, leaderboard-style tournaments to win unique unlocks and prizes.”

While Vector Unit isn’t ready to give this free-to-play project a release date, they have said that summer is their target window for its mobile version. Beach Buggy Racing 2 will then make its way to consoles and PC (via Steam) later this year, as a premium edition.

*The screenshot we used is from the first game