The War Machine will roll onto PlayStation 4 consoles early next month, when Call of Duty: WWII unleashes its second map based add-on. Its new locations, and the gameplay additions that come with them, will once again appear first on Sony’s console due to timed exclusivity.

With the War Machine, Sledgehammer Games have designed a set of new maps that will “take Call of Duty: WWII players to all-new theatres of war.” This includes the iconic battle at Dunkirk, a German V-2 rocket facility and Egypt.

On top of the above, this second add-on will also expand the game with another Nazi Zombies story chapter and a brand new War Mode mission, which was co-developed by Raven Software. Dubbed ‘Operation Husky,’ it will allow friends and foes to take part in a new gameplay mechanic – aerial dogfighting.

The War Machine will begin its assault on the PS4 version of Call of Duty: WWII on April 10th.

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