Stories: The Path of Destinies developer announces new game, Omensight

Montreal-based Spearhead Games, who developed the impressive narrative action game, Stories: The Path of Destines, have announced their next game. Dubbed Omensight, it’s a PlayStation 4 and PC exclusive that will be playable at PAX East.

Expected to release during the spring or summer of 2018, Omensight is another action/adventure title set in a colourful world.

When the world of Urralia nears its end, that’s when your work as The Harbinger begins. Take on the impartial, and crucial, role of both warrior and judge to rewrite the destruction of your war-sieged world by identifying characters that may have played a part in the apocalypse. By understanding the events that pushed Urralia to its tragic end, you can manipulate time and circumstance to prevent the catastrophe.

  • Use the power of Omensight to weave a new narrative, pave the way to a brighter future, and give the world of Urralia a second chance.
  • Upgrade The Harbinger’s “warp flow combat” and time-slowing spells, then unleash them against enemies to devastating effect.
  • Recruit a colorful cast of characters in your mission to unravel the events that brought about Urralia’s end – Ally with a song-slinging bard, martial-expert army captain, or a beer-swilling bear, all with varying accounts of how the world met its demise.

Stay tuned for more on Omensight as it develops further. Below, you’ll find the game’s latest trailer.