Team17 announces release plans for both Mugsters and Raging Justice

From the halls of Boston’s PAX East comes news from the Team17 camp. That is, release details for both Mugsters and Raging Justice, as well as the reveal of a third playable character in the latter title.

Let’s start with Mugsters, which is in development at the independent Finnish studio, Reinkout Games. Referred to as a “physics-based action/puzzle game, where you must outrun, out-maneuver and outsmart your enemies by experimenting with different sandbox levels, vehicles, environmental traps and explosives,” it’s expected to release sometime this summer.

In it, the world is in trouble, and people need your help. First, you must fight your way through “hordes of extra-terrestrial terrorists that are hellbent on stopping you!”

Raging Justice, on the other hand, is a retro-inspired beat ’em-up that brings to mind titles like Final Fight and Streets of Rage. It’s come to PAX East with plans for release (May 8th, to be exact), as well as news of a third playable character: 15 year-old Ashley King.

It’s Ms. King who happens to be the subject of the game’s new trailer.

Both titles are expected to release onto Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC, but Raging Justice is also in the works for Mac.