Detroit: Become Human has gone gold, will receive a demo tomorrow

After four years of development, Quantic Dream has officially completed Detroit: Become Human. We found this out today, when Sony XDev Europe shared its exciting news on Twitter.

“During these four years, we have gone through all possible states and emotions that the development of such a challenging project induces:” says Quantic Dream co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere, “the pride of working on something special and unique, the doubt of attaining all our creative and technical goals, the hope when publicly releasing scenes and trailers and seeing players’ positive reactions, the fear of not having enough time and resources to make everything perfect, the joy of finally seeing all parts of the puzzle come together, scene after scene, and finally being able to play the game from start to finish. And today, I guess it is with a mixture of all these feelings that we stand in front of you.”

To celebrate, and to help get people excited for the game’s not-far-off release date, Sony will also be releasing a demo for Detroit. Dubbed the ‘Hostage demo,’ it is scheduled to go live tomorrow, and will allow gamers to preview a segment of the narrative-focused title. One that happens to centre upon its hostage negotiator of an android, Connor.

It’s also worth noting that said demo is supposed to have some kind of Amazon Alexa functionality.

Detroit: Become Human will unleash its futuristic secrets on May 25th.