When Super Lucky’s Tale received its first downloadable add-on, many were surprised. It practically came out of nowhere, without even a whisper beforehand.

Fast forward to today, and the same thing has happened yet again, now that the colourful mascot platformer has added a second piece of downloadable content without warning. That add-on just so happens to be ‘Boot Camp Adventure,’ an 80s themed challenge pack that looks to turn players (and Lucky himself) into a real guardian. Of course, some new costumes also add to the fun, because what would an 80s adventure be without headbands, leg warmers and unitards?

As you would expect, this particular expansion is trials based and will test your platforming skills. Are you up to the challenge?

Boot Camp Adventure can be yours for $4.99, and joins Gilly Island as the second Super Lucky’s Tale add-on.

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