Here’s how shopkeeping meets dungeon crawling in 11 bit’s Moonlighter

We gamers have met many a shopkeeper during our interactive travels, something which is especially true for those who love Western or Japanese role-playing games. In Moonlighter, the roles are reversed, as players assume control of Will, a shopkeeper by day and dungeon crawling badass by night.

Mixing commerce with swordplay and retro-inspired role-playing, Moonlighter tasks players with keeping their shop afloat by searching dangerous dungeons for things to sell. By day they’ll run their store and manage pricing, sales, inventory and the like, and by night they’ll face dangerous monsters who wish to do nothing more than kill our pixelated friend.

Today, 11 bit studios released a new look at the game, which aptly covers eleven different facets of the experience. Through it, you’ll learn more about Will’s different jobs, the randomized dungeons he’ll attempt to survive, the enemies he’ll face, the weapons he can craft and more.

Moonlighter will bring its retro role-playing with a twist to consoles and PC on May 29th, for $19.99 USD. A Switch version will then follow at a later date.