Bethesda teases new Fallout game, Fallout 76

There’s reason to be excited if you’re a Fallout fan, or simply happen to enjoy Western RPGs. Why is that? Today, Bethesda Softworks teased a brand new entry in the popular, post-apocalyptic franchise, which goes by the name of Fallout 76.

Information is nonexistent at this point in time, and the same is true of gameplay details. As such, we don’t know anything about the game, other than what we can glimpse in the trailer. That is, its seemingly futuristic setting and the fact that vaults still exist within it. Then again, neither of those things will come as a surprise to any fan of the franchise.

Check out the aforementioned teaser below this line of text, then make sure to stay tuned for more details regarding this game. It’s very likely that Bethesda will feature Fallout 76 as a highlight of their E3 2018 presser.

You can colour us excited.