EA is renowned for its sports titles, so we all know that each E3 will bring with it a new FIFA game, a new NHL game and a new Madden game, even if one of the three never gets any airtime during the company’s press conferences.

We already talked about what was said about both FIFA 18 and FIFA 19, so now let’s talk about Madden 19. Well, as much as we can given that little was really said. There was a new trailer, though, as well as news that the game will be released on August 10th. Its blurb goes a bit further, too, by saying that the game will introduce ‘Real Player Motion’ (don’t they say that every year?), as well as both new ways to play and new legends, like Terrell Owens, in Madden Ultimate Team.

Those with interest, and with some disposable spending money, can go ahead and pre-order Madden 19 now. Those who do pre-purchase the game’s Hall of Fame Edition will grant themselves three days’ worth of early access beginning on the 7th of August.

In addition to releasing on console, Madden 19 will also make its way to PC, to the excitement of many.

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