Metro Exodus E3 trailer introduces us to the Volga

Saying that Metro Exodus looks great would be understating it. The game has continually impressed whenever it’s been shown, and looks to be a quality and perhaps even superior experience to the two that came before it, which is saying a lot.

Today, the 4A Games developed and Deep Silver published post-apocalyptic survival shooter showed off more of its wares and did so in visceral fashion. The result was an E3 trailer that really stood out among all of the console exclusives, social experiences and studio acquisitions of Microsoft’s presser. One that introduces us to the Volga, a castle-like base built on the water, before moving on to some stunning action in post-apocalyptic Russia.

All of the above was recorded in 4K, and was taken from a single level of the game, which is also quite impressive.

Metro Exodus will be bring its vicious wasteland to consoles and PC on February 22nd, 2019.