RAGE 2 gets an action packed E3 demo that is almost ruined by terrible Andrew WK music

After a terrible performance by Andrew WK, RAGE 2 was discussed and then shown in trailer form for the in person audience and those watching around the world. During this time, it was revealed that the game takes place in an unlawful, dystopian future, wherein players take control of Walker, the last ranger of the wasteland.

Following the short introductory trailer, footage from the game’s ‘Eden’ mission was showcased amidst text that stated, “If you see it, you can drive it.” Said mission began in a vehicle, and tasked the person holding the controller with using rockets to destroy an attacking enemy vehicle along a dirty ridge. Then, the player jumped out and engaged in some fast-paced, balls to the wall gunplay against deranged outlaws, before entering a base and starting the ignition sequence for a pod.

Of course, in true RAGE fashion, an interlude was taken during the gunplay to show a messed up infomercial for a strange little creature that will be included with the RAGE 2 Collector’s Edition, with Andrew WK’s music playing in the background.

After all of the above-mentioned craziness, a giant, freakshow of a mutated boss appeared and attacked the player, before things cut to a menagerie of colourful gameplay snippets with more Andrew WK music playing over-top of them.


It all looked pretty good, and quite fun. The music…well, let’s hope it’s not in the game.