Phil Spencer confirms that Microsoft is hard at work on a new console

Before Cyberpunk 2077 concluded Microsoft’s E3 2018 showcase, Phil Spencer took some time to share a few secrets. Big secrets, too.

The first of these news drops was the fact that Microsoft is hard at work on a brand new console. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, given how long it takes to develop these things and how much goes into them, but it’s noteworthy nonetheless. After all, anything pertaining to a new console is big news.

According to Thurrott, this new console is code named Scarlet. The site shared this (potentially true) insider information today, but stated that it doesn’t know when the device will be released.

Also revealed during this segment of the conference was a new form of artificial intelligence that the company is also developing behind closed doors. That, along with some sort of streaming service that would allow console quality games to be streamed to devices.

Timelines were not revealed, so who knows how far into development all of these things are.