The Last of Us 2 kicks off Sony’s E3 press conference in visceral fashion

Sony’s doing something different with its E3 2018 presence, which was evident from the first time they showed its location. The way the room was set up was as if it was a tent, and lights were strewn everywhere. This difference from past ways continued when, after showing off The Last of Us 2, they took an intermission to allow the attendees to change rooms.

When The Last of Us 2‘s trailer and gameplay demo began, it became obvious as to why the room was set up like that. The tent, with its stringed white lights, resembled the hall that Ellie, her girlfriend and another ally were seen in at the beginning of the video. It seemed like they were there for a wedding, but the focus was on the trio themselves. To be fair, most of it was on the couple who talked and flirted before things did a complete 180 and switched to gameplay that pitted Ellie within a very strenuous situation.

It was during this dark, gritty, disturbing and downright violent gameplay segment where we really got to see The Last of Us 2 in action. Ellie was seen stealthily creeping around a forest, as enemies hung and tortured others nearby. She then switched to stealth attach mode and used items to attack and distract enemies. However, things didn’t go completely as planned, because it wasn’t long before two baddies got the jump on her and caused some bodily harm.

Simply put, The Last of Us 2 is looking great, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.