Far Cry 5 will get Lost on Mars next week

If you’ve been waiting for more Far Cry 5 DLC, then you’re in luck. Ubisoft has confirmed that Lost on Mars, the game’s second expansion of sorts, will be released next week.

In Lost on Mars, everyone’s favourite bazooka-toting redneck, Hurk, enlists the player’s help in preventing an alien invasion. To do so, he and the game’s mute player character must travel to the red planet to do battle against the creatures, using new and unique weapons like the Blaster of Disaster, Hellfire and Morphinator. All while employing space jets for traversal means.

See below for a quick look at the aforementioned action, which is provided in the form of some very brief gameplay segments that follow a hand drawn comic scene. Combined, it all makes up the add-on’s short teaser trailer.

Lost on Mars will take Far Cry 5 from Hope County, Montana, to outer space on July 17th. It is part of the game’s season pass, and is included with its Gold Edition.