Take aim at a new Hitman 2: Sniper Assassin competition

Today, Warner Bros. and IO Interactive joined forces to announce a new contest and competition for Hitman 2‘s free-to-download pre-order bonus, Sniper Assassin. Through it, three winners (those who achieve the highest scores on each individual platform) will find themselves transformed into characters within the upcoming stealth-action/assassination game. Of course, being that this is a pre-order incentive, one must put some money down in order to get in on the aforementioned action.

Those who wish to enter must create an IOI account, then play Sniper Assassin in solo mode as Agent 47. By using in-game leaderboards, they can track their progress and that of others, and see who is currently leading the way.

PLEASE NOTE: This competition is only open to players in participating countries, including the United States, Canada (excluding Quebec), Mexico, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Netherlands (excluding the Dutch Caribbean), Belgium, Australia and New Zealand.

This contest has already begun across Xbox Live, Steam and the PlayStation Network, and will run until November 6th. Hitman 2 will then be released on November 13th.