Change is heading its way towards Vampyr‘s version of 1918 London, and it’ll result in a slightly different experience.

Along with some optimization tweaks, the newly updated game will present newcomers and returnees alike with two new ways to play DONTNOD’s bloodsucking RPG. One, which has been dubbed ‘Story mode,’ will lessen the difficulty of combat encounters to allow players to have a more streamlined, narrative focused experience. On the other side of the coin, then, lays ‘Hard mode,’ which will do just what you’d expect it to: make the combat more challenging for those who crave more challenge. It will also lessen the amount of experience Dr. Jonathan Reid receives after killing enemies, thus making things even more difficult.

In advance of this update, which is expected to be released onto all applicable platforms later this summer, Vampyr is currently 25% off on Steam.


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