Hitman has always been about blending into one’s environment and looking for opportunities to strike. Sometimes that’s meant donning costumes or doing something silly, but not always. After all, there are times where simple is better than complex.

In Hitman 2, IO Interactive has developed an even more immersive and realistic world, with NPCs that are said to be lifelike. According to the game’s first “How to Hitman” video, they “talk like us, work like us and act like us.” Their AI is also said to have been improved so that they act more realistically to what’s happening around them.

During said video, the focus is mostly on a single mission, wherein Agent 47 must take out a race car driver. Through it, we get to see how the stealth assassin can easily blend into crowds, don special uniforms and take his targets out in creative ways. For instance, a bomb is placed on a car at one point, while during another attack, he uses a sniper rifle to kill the driver in question. Hell, there’s even some blending in with the pit crew.

You’ll be able to experience this domino effect of repercussions when Hitman 2 releases this November.

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