Ubisoft today showed off some all-new footage of its highly-anticipated Beyond Good and Evil 2, first announced at E3 2017.

The game received an hour long livestream highlighting new concept art, gameplay design, and an extended interview with some of Ubisoft’s finest. Among them were the game’s Creative Director, Emile Morel, its Senior Producer, Guillaume Brunier, as well as Level Design Director, Audrey Chocquet-Le Roy, among others.

The livestream focuses mainly on detailing gameplay mechanics and showing off some concept art, while giving a few subtle hints as to the characters and story of the game.

Taking place in Ganesha, a city inspired by India mixed with what looks like the world of The Fifth Element, expect flying cars, hovering shops and homes, and some towering monuments, all ripe for exploration. Similar to No Man’s Sky, you can customize your ship for speed, weapons, cargo, and agility. Unlike the aforementioned title, however, you can also commander any ship you see in the world, allowing you the ability to turn Beyond Good and Evil 2 into just a little smack of Grand Theft Spaceship.

As Beyond Good and Evil 2 is actually a prequel, the original title’s protagonist returns in this game, however as a younger, more aggressive space pirate, lauded and known across the solar system. Not much is known about her at this point, but we know you aren’t playing as her this time around, and you certainly aren’t on her side. At least from the beginning.

The other major gameplay mechanic showed off in the livestream is the spyglass. This is a common trope in video games: a tool allowing you to scan and learn about your environment. This one will seemingly let you do it from afar, and not only scan objects, doors, and puzzles, but other characters, identifying potential friends and foes, or even perhaps some tips as to how to defeat those who don’t exactly align with your cause.

Ubisoft has yet to announce a release date for Beyond Good and Evil 2. We’ll be sure to let you know when they do. However, with a game so massive, don’t expect it anytime in this decade.

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