Fans have been asking for it, and it will soon be a reality. Halo: Reach is, in fact, coming to Halo: The Master Chief Collection!

In other news, the Collection is also heading to PC, as was heavily rumoured. Thus, it’s been a good day for Halo fans.

Let’s start with Halo Reach, which will be available in its entirety through Xbox Game Pass. Those who don’t subscribe to the service will have to deal with a slightly different beast, however, as it’s been announced that the 4K/60FPS update will only offer Firefight as a paid bonus outside of Game Pass. The game’s multiplayer suite will be available free of charge, though, to all Master Chief Collection owners.

PC gamers will have to be patient, as Halo: The Master Chief Collection is released in stages, to allow the developers to ensure that it’s polished and performs well on the platform. This is big news for those who prefer to game on PC, as they’ll eventually be able to play several Halo classics through Steam and the Windows Store.

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