Fans of Milestone’s MotoGP racing series will be happy to hear that the next game in the franchise will soon be released. That is, MotoGP 19, which is expected to launch on the sixth of June.

MotoGP 19 is said to feature improved rider customization, dedicated multiplayer servers, eSports functionality and historical racing challenges, alongside its up-to-date championship circuit. However, while those things will interest the series’ long tenured fans, it’s the game’s new AI that creates the most intrigue.

Within its press release, Milestone touts the fact that MotoGP 19 will include a new, neural network AI, which has been in development for a good two years. They say it’s revolutionary, and here’s hoping it will be.

MotoGP 19 will speed its way onto Xbox One, PS4 and PC/Steam on June 6th. A Nintendo Switch version will then follow a few weeks later.

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