A rustic new setting will soon bring a host of themed stages to Overcooked! 2. In doing so, the game will transition from being a kitchen-based affair, to being something that also incorporates the great outdoors.

Referred to as Campfire Cook Off, Overcooked! 2‘s first expansion is set to offer 12 unique stages. It will do this when it launches on April 18, either by its lonesome, or as part of a new season pass that will provide fans access to a total of three expansions, at a cost of $18.99.

This brand new add-on will include:

  • New map! Climb aboard the Onion King’s bus and follow the famous Trail Mix Trail to new kitchens!
  • 12 levels! Play a whole host of new kitchens with up to three of your friends, from tall tree tops to rushing rivers!
  • Chefs! Four new chefs are ready to take on the great outdoors and show off their al fresco cooking skills!
  • Recipes! Two brand new recipes to perfect!
  • Mechanics! Campfire Cook Off introduces some new mechanics that will put even the best chefs to the test.

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