There’s something sinister in Draugen’s fjords

Read Thread Games has showcased a new, psychological mystery with scary undertones. Called Draugen, it’s set within the fjords of 1920s Norway, and is being referred to as a ‘fjord noir.’

In Draugen, players will control a book loving recluse named Edward Harden, who must venture out of his home for the first time in a long while, in search of his missing sister. Thankfully for him, he’s not alone, as he’s joined by his ward, Lissie. There’s much more to their journey than they know or expect, though, as there’s something serious going on within the fjords. Specifically the remote, and seemingly deserted coastal village in which they find themselves.

Here’s a list of the game’s key features:

  • Lissie is an independent and personable companion who reacts and interacts with Edward through dynamic dialogues and a context-sensitive interface.
  • Witness the environmental changes alongside Edward’s worsening mental state.
  • Discover the clues left amongst the twists and turns of the unravelling mystery.
  • Accompanied by a moving, original score by award-winning composer Simon Poole.